We (almost) never give up!

We have vast technical base and experience to deal with almost any malfunction / problem / nuance our hobby may pose. Our testing equipment will help tracking down electrical issues, and precise mechanics are no rocket science to us. We can help You in detecting and repairing practically anything - starting from single troubling elements and ending with complicated modules or (in an extreme case) custom made replacements for entire control units. In cooperation with specialized workshops we can replace missing or broken precise parts. And - most of all - we really do care what it would mean to You when we succeed.

Examples of our recent achievements may shed some light upon our capabilities:

  • maitenance, regreasing and tuning the equatorial mounts (specializing in Takahashi and EQx series)
  • dual drive additions for guiding - even for non-goto mounts, with no worm drive
  • astronomy cameras repair - power supplies, digital circuitry, interfaces
  • long exposure webcam modification
  • DSLR red spectra sensitizing - IR filters removal and replacement (specializing in Canon)
  • DSLR heavy modding - all filters removal, including de-bayering CFA matrix from imaging chip
  • replace broken mechanical parts (holders, axles, gears, bearing...)
  • optics cleaning - using proven, safe methods
  • ...

Ask us, whatever bothers You. Our motto instructs.