Long-term experience in development and service of electronic equipment allows us to offer highly-tailored solutions. Time required to create a prototype, following an idea or just need, is no longer measured in months - now it's a matter of days. We're capable of creating almost anything that would aid astronomy hobby (and more...) - in particular: answering to unique conditions or capable of withstanding harsh environment.

This philosophy also served our creations: MKFocus mark I and II, FastronDrive - we managed to keep those constructions to the standards (protocols, electrical and mechanical interfaces) while innovating heavily at the same time (new functionality, ergonomics, ease of use...). All that was possible through natural evolution of the initial idea, supported by incremental development and extensive field testing. As a result we achieved well designed devices, packed with useful features and delivered in speed. Our approach to testing, actually asking the real people to use the prototypes, paid off best - using all-embracing perspectives and human unpredictability to our aid.

If You're interested, we will approach new idea the very same, yet proven way:

  • Let's discuss the concept for starters, allowing target functionality to surface
  • We'll make our best to transform this idea into project - schematics, functional diagrams, casing, interfaces...
  • Prototyping will follow after we're done with our brainstorming
  • Your turn - testing for compliance, ergonomics, features and stability will check our approach
  • There will be a decision to either:
    • keep the prototype and change software, or:
    • let us rethink the approach and create another prototype
  • For almost ready product - we'd need extensive testing and stabilize software
  • Final acceptance will end the origination part
  • Eventually, if required, a separate, final specimen may be manufactured (superseding prototypes)

Feel free to contact us, any ideas are always welcomed!