To address various needs of modern astro amateurs, we've decided to complement our modules / devices with mechanical designs and solutions. We strive to deliver complete solutions, fully addressing potential need.

Our experience and technical base (also - contractors) enables creation of the required mounts, fixtures, clutches and adaptors. We focus our efforts on quality and our Customers' satisfaction, therefore every manufactured element is individually matched to target system. Meticulous testing and care about details are our priorities.

We will deliver, on special order:

  • focuser steppers fixtures (coupled with main / microfocuser axis or via belt / gearbox):
    • fixed to main focuser body
    • affixed to bearing sleeve
    • using mini dovetails (Baader Planetarium focusers)
  • gearboxes to drive focus ring of the camera lenses
  • helical focuser drives (belt or teeth rail)
  • non-standard adapters for optical train (adjusted to meet reductor / flattener back-focus and particular setup - camera, filter wheel, AO, OAG...)
  • other, as required

Thanks to the 3D printing technology we'll craft almost anything, except for elements where strength is key factor (these are always manufactured from alloys). We promise the elements (alloys are always anodized) will always perfectly fit to our Customers equipment.

Take a look at our creations: