MK AstroShooter v3.2.2MK AstroShooter v 3.2.2

Allow Your DSLR to reach its full potential – trigger shots accurately and with great flexibility (multiple sessions and lots of configurable parameters) and repel fog from the lens, preventing unwanted session end. If Your setup consists of camera and a telescope – make sure the focusing feature is not left dormant – optimize observing time and acquire tack-sharp images. All in one, convenient package – MK AstroShooter at Your service.


What makes MK AstroShooter special?

  1. Unique three-in-one design, making shutter control, dewheater and focusing a treat.
  2. Carefully tested and certified software, with carefully-thought functionality
  3. Built-in polish and english version
  4. Great flexibility:
    1. Ten predefined yet fully reconfigurable sessions
    2. One default session loaded at startup (the one that is used most)
    3. Focuser parametrization – will allow to control most of stepper-enabled configurations
    4. Dewheater automation, preventing lens from dewing under changing conditions and allowing to work with heat-strips from multiple brands.
  5. One-of-a-kind and patented solutions:
    1. Focusing support for DSLRs without Live View capability.
    2. Automatic refocusing – should conditions change beyond acceptable limits, our controller will automatically re-focus between exposures
  6. Technology, that You can trust:
    1. Complete DSLR protection – camera is fully separated from the rest of circuitry
    2. All inputs and outputs equipped with safety features
    3. External precise temperature sensing – allowing to counteract OTA thermal expansion / contraction (optional sensor may be delivered with stepper motor; interface is fully compatible with other MK-Astro modules)
  7. Standarized interfaces, all connectors of highest quality – designed to last.

Please consult users manual for detailed specifications and full description of available features (available for registered users – come and join our community).


Package contents:

  • MK AstroShooter with battery
  • product flyer with link to detailed manual (for programming and operation)


  • focuser motor with external temperature sensor and extension cord
  • heater strip - upon request - providing specified power and working diameter / required cord length.

External 12V power supply (rated at 1.5A minimum) is required for focuser and dewheater operation.