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  • MK Lid® - tired of opening and closing the lid? Our controller will do that for You!
  • MK Observatory Control® - manage any observatory, using our intelligent, patented solution - that will take special care about Your instruments safety. Our unique approach will also allow to deploy main module only for majority of setups. ASCOM compatible!
  • MK Observatory Control® extension module - MK USB Resetter® - remotely reset any stubborn USB device, with ease
  • Focuser controllers (MKFocus® mark I and MKFocus® mark II) - RF compatible, equipped with USB and safety features -  now with ASCOM drivers!
  • MKDewheater (smallest 4 channel digital module on the market, designed to ensure rigorous noise dampening, required for CCD equipment)
  • MKAstroShooter® - integrated intervalometer, temperature compensated / automated focuser controller and dewheater
  • MKWeathersensor - AAG compatible, with enhanced sensors and advanced output
  • LX200 RelayBox and integrated focuser - RS-232, USB version coming soon
  • VectorDrive® for Dobsons, enabling object tracking for visual use
  • AllSkyCam shutter support module, with integrated dewheater
  • CoolControl module, for intelligent observatory ventilation, solar panels powered
  • Tangent arm drive - FASTRON DRIVE, with dewheater output and shutter release - new, 24 and 45 minutes tracking versions available (the latter equipped with display and new user interface)!


  • DewHeater strips
  • Stepper geared motors - 28mm
  • Stepper geared motors - 42mm
  • Limiting / safety switches
  • External temperature sensors
  • Clutch / flange connections - for coupling stepper motors with focusers
  • Extended length cables
  • Remote shutter release cables - all types