MK-Astro electronic devices (all prices exclude VAT; applicable to all EU countries); Online catalog is also available (in polish only and in PLN, including VAT).

Name Version Box contents Availability Price
MK Observatory Control 2.1.2 controller, casing, manual, display 1200€
MK USB resetter 2.0.2 module, interface cable, manual 120€
MK-Astro DewHeater 2.1.2 module, flyer 75€
MK Focus mark II 1.9.8 module, cable, stepper*, flyer 100€
MK Lid 1.0.6 module w/ mechanics, flyer 120€
MK AstroShooter 3.2.3 module (w/ battery), flyer 100€
FASTRON DRIVE x 1.8.3 module, cable, flyer 50€
FASTRON DRIVE x_S 1.8.3 module, cable, stepper*, clutch, flyer 60€
FASTRON DRIVE x 7seg 2.0.3 module, cable, stepper*, clutch, flyer 125€

 * - stepper (28mm)


Name Availability Price
Dewheater strip 10W (length on-demand) 30€
Stepper motor (28mm) for microfocuser drive 15€
Stepper motor (42mm) for focuser drive 50€
Motion end sensor for stepper motor +20€
Temperature sensor (MK-Astro products compatible) for stepper motor +35€
Motor clutch for micro / focuser (sized on-demand) 45€
Stepper motor extension cable 1m 12€
Stepper motor extension cable 2m 15€
Stepper motor extension cable 3m 20€
Camera remote shutter release cable - MicroJack 2m, w/ manual control 30€
Camera remote shutter release cable - Canon 3pin 2m, w/ manual control 35€
Power supply 12V 1.5A 2.1/5.5 20€



Name Price
Base DSLR mod - filter removal 160€
Intermediate DSLR mod - filter change 180€
Deep DSLR mod - Bayer matrix removal, filter removal 380€
Optical assembly alignment 200€

legend: ♦ - in production, ◊ - on-demand, ∇ - promotion, in production; updated 2018.01.08