Electronics and safety - for Astronomers, from Astronomers


For over 20 years in Amateur Astronomy hobby, taking-off from visual, through astrophotography, remote observations and, finally, building a small, self-designed observatory: From the very beginning I've taken an ATM'er approach, which ultimately resulted in creation of MK-Astro brand and products. Experience, that I have gained over all those years, allowed me to create handy electronic equipment, supporting various needs of our hobby. I've taken every step possible to keep the devices functional, tested and seasoned, before even thinking about commercial use. Only those which passed rigorous testing were brought into production - ensuring quality, stability and reliability.

I do hope my equipment will bring lots of fun, while enduring elements and ensuring years of trouble-free operation.

All our devices are proudly made in Poland.


M.Sc. eng. Michał Klimaszewski

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MARKOSYSTEM Marek Klimaszewski

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