Welcome to MK-Astro.

MK-Astro is proud to provide products for amateur astronomers and advanced photography enthusiasts, designed with user-first paradigm in mind. Every created circuit was meticulously tested to meet quality, functionality and reliability standards, ensuring years of seamless operation under demanding weather conditions. The basic element - development done by astronomer himself - allowed for understanding the needs and crafting unique and functionally matured devices.


Our current line of services:

Products / accessories

 Products Accessories

for new devices that are about to enter the market (in testing and development phase) please consult the Products page (updated frequently)

Complete solutions

We will excel in crafting the complete solutions towards any need. Modifications, additions - including precision mechanics - all to fulfill our Customer demand. MK-Astro will create design, craft parts, put all together and test it - to deliver complete, working solution. Want focusing system? Crave for dew-free optics? Perhaps in need to control Your DSLR? Just name Your need.

One-of-a-kind devices

Apart from the standard line of our products, MK-Astro announces capability to meet unique demand of our Customers. Our potential encompasses processor driven devices, allowing for automation and control. Our approach, based upon careful requirements analysis, rigorous testing and close cooperation ensures success and Customer satisfaction. Every device is being tested and stressed in local observatory until labelled as complete - free of errors/bugs and up to the agreed specifications.


Cameras, power supplies, drives or any other devices - we will take care of them all. Having considerable experience in microelectronic service (laptops, notebooks) and precise mechanics (milling / turning machines) enables our unique capabilities and puts MK-Astro ready for the challenge. Use "Contact" menu to enter Your inquiry.


M.Sc. Michał Klimaszewski